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Border Collie Puppies ? coming soon! Plan ahead!We are expecting great pups from our smooth coated black and white 3 year old female Border Collie, Zucchi, by March 26. The sire is Scrooge, a handsome medium coat blue merle from Jawanna Border Collies. Both parents are of good temperament, in excellent health, and are free of the genetic diseases common to this breed. Both sire and dam have been genetically tested and found to be full panel normal through Paw Print Genetics.Zucchi has the classic Border Collie sharp intelligence with an intense desire to learn. She easily learned obedience and agility, and showed good potential in beginning sheep herding. While she has the strong working drive common to this breed, she is calm when off duty and is good with both children and adults. Zucchi will fetch a ball tirelessly for anyone who will throw it!The pups are purebred and will be registered with the American Border Collie Association. Immunizations and worming will be kept up to date, and will be administered by Dr. Will Schultz, DVM, Lansing area?s canine reproductive specialist ( Because both the dam and sire are free of common genetic defects, the pups will be too! They will be raised in our home and socialized very well. Judging from the temperament of the sire and dam, these pups can be expected to become great companions as well as capable and enthusiastic sporting and working dogs. They will be ready to go to their new homes at 7 or 8 weeks of age, so about mid-May. Price is $800 on a non-breeding contract, or an additional $400 for breeding rights.If interested, pleas give me some information about yourself and what your plans are for your new Border Collie puppy. An ultrasound yesterday showed 4 well-formed puppies, and one is already taken, so contact me soon to reserve one of these excellent pups.